Universe Galaxy Solar System Bracelet

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This Universe Galaxy Solar System Bracelet is beautifully crafted with colorful beads that correspond to the 8 Planets of the Solar system. Make yourself the center of the universe with this bracelet. Get them now at 50% off while stocks last!

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This Universe Galaxy Solar System Bracelet is ideal for lovers of space or astrology. A trendy way of expressing your love for the universe. The bracelet is believed to make the wearer feels that they are the SUN and the beads of the bracelet represents the planets that surround you.

It aims for you to realize that you are the star in your own solar system, that you are important to the way things work. This is believed to create a powerful energy that radiates into anybody you come into contact with, filling them with warmth and positivity.

Be the SUN and get this unique bracelet while we have stocks!

Product Details:

  • Adjustable range: 7-11 inches
  • Circumference: 15cm
  • Bracelets Stone Material: Agate

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