7 Chakra Reiki Heart Bracelet

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This Chakra Reiki Heart Bracelet aims to balance the 7 chakras with its crystal stones matched to each of the 7 chakras, and the reiki heart of the bracelet is traditionally believed to cause good luck. Get them now at 50% off while stocks last!

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The 7 Chakras are the spiritual energy centers of the body, first discovered in ancient times by hinduist monks in India who believe that balancing the 7 chakras brings balance and peace to the spirit and body, which is what this bracelet aims to achieve.

Each of the 7 different crystal stones used for the bracelet were carefully selected to work with the energy of one of the 7 chakra centres while looking amazing at the same time! In addition, the reiki heart of the bracelet is traditionally believed good luck.

Get this unique bracelet while stocks last!

The 7 Chakras:

  1. Crown Chakra: For spirit, divine wisdom, and enlightenment
  2. Third Eye Chakra: For intuition and meditation
  3. Throat Chakra: For communication and confidence
  4. Heart Chakra: For love and compassion
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra: For power and identity
  6. Sacral Chakra: For creativity and passion
  7. Root Chakra: For staying grounded and centered

Product Features:

  • Elastic Band
  • Beads Size: 0.31 in / 8 mm
  • Precious stones representing the 7 chakras

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